A Z Rental/ Budget Rent A Car Rip off and dishonest sales tactics, coersion Albany New York!!. I needed a rental truck in short notice (3 weeks, which is short notice to rental companies apparently.) I called everywhere and thought I was in luck when Budget Rent A Car said they had exactly what I needed and for the time I needed it. The cost? Well, for 3 days and 240 miles I was quoted a total (with deposit) of $390. I show up to pick up the vehicle during my lunch break from work and they laugh at me because I tell them what I was quoted. I “need to brush up on my math skills.” The total deposit (alone) will be $510! Then he spits out three options that I can’t even understand. 1: I can, for $18/day I can get the insurance with a $250 deductable. 2: For $23/day I can get the insurance with no deductable. 3: I can be liable for the $50,000 vehicle. I was not briefed on this when I reserved the truck. Oh, and “my personal car insurance won’t probably c

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A Z Rental Budget Rent A Car