I received a telephone call on my cell phone from a number marked "no caller id". A female asked for me by name (including my recently changed last name) and identified herself as a courier with A1 Courier service. She stated she was attempting to make delivery of documents and had attempted twice, but thought I might be working. She stated that after the third failed attempt, they would deliver to my place of employment. She listed two incorrect addresses, and I told her that was not correct, but that I would not give her information over the telephone. I asked who the mail was from and she stated the stamp was smudged and she couldn’t read it, but it looked like it said "TFG". I informed her that as a courier, she should have information on who the documents were from. She stated it was from "The Law Firm" and gave me a telephone number (877-408-3260) and a File # where I could call them to verify and make arrangements. She again stated that if I did not make arrangements, they would deliver them at my place of employment. I told her that would be fine. Based on my background in law enforcement, I believe this to be a scam so I did not contact the number provided.