I contend that A1-Locksmith has stolen from me $465.62. nI found A1-Locksmith in the search engines while shopping for a gun safe back on 16 May 2003. I found one on the site I liked, the ‘Teton’ and phoned them to get details on purchasing this item and got connected with Steven Gray on about the first ring. He told me that I could select from several colors and other options included a brass handle. It would be delivered to my door. It would be No delivery date was discussed. I wasn’t worried, this personable, cheerful fellow had me feeling like there would be no problems, and after our talk I went right back to the site and ordered the safe. nStarting on 2 June 2003 I began attempts to contact A1-Locksmith by phone and left several messages on an answering machine but got no calls back. I sent three delivery inquiry email messages on the 4th, 10th, and 11th of June which also got no response. nFinally on 12 June 2003, four days shy of 1 month after ordering the safe I got Steven Gray on the phone. His reason for not returning my calls was “I didn’t know what to tell you””. He went on to say that it takes 10 weeks to manufacture a safe

and that it upsets him when people can’t appreciate that fact. nI’m really worried at this point

because other outfits I looked into have this safe

and they are ready to ship (with options) immediately. So I ask Steven where the safe is being made (even though I know the safe is made by American Security Products (AMSEC) in Fontana