A1A Express No Service Undependable Fake advertising New Jersey Internet!!. Requested 3 days for vehicle to be picked up and ship from Andrews AFB Md. to Ft Sill Ok with 3 weeks notice due to Army Change of duty orders and partial disability. Company never picked up car so reported to better business and A1A responded by canceling shipment leaving my family stranded 3 days at our expense in hotel. This was response after 12 days later when A1A basically stated in their response it was my fault: I would like to start off by expressing my gratitude that A1A was able to accept the responsibility and admit their failure to provide any level of professionalism although I do not accept as they stated “that mistakes lead to the dissatisfaction of the few”. I quess it is A1A mistake that the BBB required them to respond within 10 days to this complaint filed on 2 April 2018 and they responded on 15 April 2018 much in the same way they meet my request for vehicle pick up and shipping or maybe that is the real problem in place of insinuating I did not “READ AND UNDERSTOOD” they need to learn how to “COUNT, ADD, AND MEET SUSPENSES” hope they appreciate this valuable feedback to enable them to correct their mistakes. I did placed an order on 03/16/15 requesting pick up date of 03/29-31 2015. I made numerous phone calls everyday explaining details and asking for assistance only to be provided empty promises such as 2 hrs return calls, end of day contact, 1st thing tomorow etc. etc.. They only prompt and true response was when I filed with BBB at approx. 0930 hrs. on 2 April 2015, A1A rep called me at approx. 1025 hrs. stating since I contacted BBB they were canceling my order after I spent 3 days of hotel and living expense waiting past my requested vehicle shipping date. Sorry for being so blunt, but I find it extremely offensive when they make the statement “we pride ourselves in being truthful about our services” when they have been all but truthful in their business practice from not providing good customer service to taking retribution by canceling my order when BBB was contacted to being late with their response and add condescending remarks and insincere attempts at tongue and cheek apologies. I only hope future customers are able to read this before they waste their time and effort like I did.

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