A1A Express Auto Shipping BUYER BEWARE! BAIT & SWITCH SCAM! “F” RATING WITH BBB Keyport New Jersey!!. BUYER BEWARE! BAIT & SWITCH SCAM! “F” RATING WITH BBB. Long story, but here are the highlights…On Friday, was promised a pickup date of Monday, as long as I quickly sign the invoice and pay $200 up front. Ironically, the price went up $75 in the matter of 10 minutes, but I decided to proceed anyway. Didn’t hear back to confirm pickup, which made me suspicious. By the time I reached them on Monday, the date slipped by 5 additional days due to a so-called mechanical breakdown. They said they couldn’t find another transport before then, and provided me the number to call the transport to coordinate the rest myself. What did I just pay the broker for? So, I was on my own. However, not only did I find another transport with a true next day pickup, I found one for $150 less. I suggest you use WECARTRANSPORT, and ask for Amanda. They are highly professional, courteous, and dependable, and don’t take a penny up front. They are cash on delivery only. I kindly asked A1A Express for a refund due to not being able to honor their so-called pickup date. So, they asked me to sign a cancellation invoice, as I did. The next day they charged my card an additional $50, for a grand total of $250. Despite giving 48 hours notice to cancel, they not only didn’t refund my money, they charged an extra $50, to add insult to injury. Read the other reviews. I wish I would have read them before donating my money to their company. I don’t take kindly to companies charging for services not rendered. DON’T GET HUSTLED LIKE I DID. ALTHOUGH THEY VERBALLY PROMISE A DATE, AND TELL YOU TO IGNORE THE “EST” ON THE INVOICE, THEY WON’T HONOR IT AND THEY’LL KEEP YOUR MONEY.

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