A&A air conitioning is a big rip off and scam. I called them do and maintenence check on my air and they ended up breaking it, so they can charge me to fix it. It took 5 times for them to come back and everytime was a different story. they charged me $600 and my air was completely not working. I own a hair salon, and we work with blow dryers and hot tools, it is very important to have proper air. they were well aware of this and did not care. They made me wait days and i lost business and had to work in 85 degree heat for days. Everytime i called to the receptionist, Annmarie, she was very very nasty and extremely not accomodating. She hung up on me twice, An tried to say i was unreasonable. When it was clear she was was the one that was without reason. The owner Anthony, would never get on the phone even though i could hear him in the background. THey sent incompetent workers 4 times Anthony and jerry, who did not know what they were doing. They broke my system. I think the worst part of this is that Annmarie, the so-called receptionist was so nasty and so not accomodating! telling me it was my fault. Please stay away from them, if u need your air fixed. They will break it so they can charge u to fix it!

amboy rd ? Staten Island, New York United States of America


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