After being refered to AA riteway by a family member of Mike Wolfes about 6 years ago i decided to choose them based on that reference. I have a home with multiple skylights and only had one layer of older matertials that needed tore off. I was quoted a fair price and in november of that year they had scheduled to do the replacement during some unusually sunny weather. It was postponed for a little while and then during the worst possible weather they proceeded to tear off the roof. After the tear off they had a few pieces of plywood to replace. They slowed down quite a bit during the weather I had to call them out to tarp the roof to prevent the many leaks throughout the upper story and my bedroom . All around the skylights it was leaking. The roof was completed and paid in full. A few years later I went up to clean the gutters and noticed their were many small areas where their was nail heads starting to poke up. I called AA riteway and a person by the name of Steven came out take a look. He put some caulk in some of the areas and said it should be fine. In the fall of that year i noticed some sheetrock on the upper story was wet and the paint was sliding off of the wall in the seam. I called Steven out again to look into the leaks and he said he had seen some other areas needing caulk. He again said he fixed it. This past Spring the leaks re apeared around the Seams and skylights. I again called Steven out and he tried to explain that maybe it was condensation due to improper venting. This house has been built for 40 years – never had this problem in all of my prior years with my old roof. hmmmm sounds like a scape goat story. after I mentioned this to him he said he will look into it. He then proceeds to tell me that the Skylights should have a gasket to prevent condensation and they are not there. I was on the roof during this coonversation and mentioned that they tore off the existing roof and had taken those off also. You could clearly see the nail holes where they had been, also the wood was weathered by the skylight where they had been prior. He suggested that I have a gasket put in and offered his services to do so at a fee. I declined and did it myself on all 4 skylights. I thought this would be the end of our enounters but again this fall it started leaking again. I again asked him to come out offering him one more time to fix this per our contracted 15 year warranty against workmanship defects. He has not returned my calls, I sent another letter of correspondance requesting again for them to fix my leaks and honor their contract and again nothing. I now had two other large roofing contractors out to assess the problem and they explained it this way. The original roof was installed with the improper pressure and at times angle to drive the nail down to the proper depth. I am having continued leaks due to the summer time temperatures heating up the roof materials and the nails working themselves thru during this time. Also when I walk on the roof to clean the gutters the weight of my body is pressing the improperly driven nails heads to show thru. This is where the majority of the leaks are coming from. One roofer also mentioned that they reused some of my old flashing and they would not have recomended to do so. They mentioned that they should have placed a new water barier gasket around the skylights during the replacement and that this was standard operating procedures for all of his experience. I would NOT recomend you use AA Riteway – They are salesman only for roofs and they do not follow thru and make sure you are satisfied. They procrastinate on all existing jobs that need further attention and do not seem to care about anthing other than the next job. nI will continue to tell everybody and am going to place a sign out front stating (Brand New Roof) Got leaks? – you bet i do – AA Riteway installed it!

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