As a AAA member I called to get emergency road service due to a mechanical problem with my car. I was told that AAA could not guarantee the time the tow truck would arrive so that I should leave my car. When I saw my car the next morning at the service station which has done repair work for me for 20 years, I discovered that the door had been smashed and would not close. I reported the situation to AAA which said that they would mediate between me and the tow company. The result of the mediation was that the responsible party was the service station to which the car was towed. I disputed this result due to the following facts: The tow truck driver said that the door was undamaged when he picked up the car but that the door would not close. He said that he tied it shut with a rope. No rope was found on the car in the morning. I saw the spot where the car was to be placed the evening before when I informed the service station that the car was to be towed. The next morning, the same two cars were on either side of my car, they had not moved. The door was smashed open which would not be the result of a collision – it would have been smashed inward. The auto body shop which now has the car states that the door damage was caused by the door opening during the tow, not by a collision. AAA will not do anything for me even thoiugh I have been a member for 22 years. I am also writing a report on the tow company.

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