AAA Crain auto salvage Selling bad engine play to refund the money! Forth worth TX!!. This guys are all becoming junk,working in a junk yard,donu2019t care about customer service and living junk style and treating customers like themselves. Including their manager lopez after selling bad engine or transmission they donu2019t like to refund your money! Make sure you pay these junkies with credit card so you can dispute the charge otherwise you ll have to take your money back with your force which these junked defiantly donu2019t worth confrontations. They keep bouncing you and telling you they they will pick up the bad part and then they will refund you until you get tired and wonu2019t follow up. I got my money back after disputing their RIPP off with my credit card.they are know with credit cards and you get your money back easily.
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AAA Crain auto salvage

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