Complaint: This Company is ruthless. They will welcome you with open arms only to rob you blind after you have completed a substatial amount of work for them. They will constantly call you throughout the day to rush you in completing work orders & move on to the next property to keep you occupied so that you do as many properties for them as possible, that is until you request payment from them. When you request payment from them they will tell you that they pay 30 days net meaning you get paid thirty days after each work order is completed. Beware this is a lie and a scam. They owe me for work orders completed over three months ago. They have no morals. Once they see you want to get paid for work completed they will. 1. Avoid Your Phone Calls 2. Accuse You Of Not Completing Work 3. Say You Do Not Answer Them Back 4. Not Enough Pictures, Missing Pictures etc. This company should not be able to keep robbing people as they do. The owner LYNN BONDANZA is a crook in every form of the word. She pays half of what every other company pays for the same work done. We really dont know she can sleep at night knowing she is robbing hard working people. This is a terrible company to work for and we urge everyone who comes in contact with them to RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN AWAY FROM THESE THIEVES. We still are owed so much money from them & know they have no intensions on paying us. We will not rest till the proper authorities that regulate there bussiness are informed so that they do not do this to anyone else. Dont Let Them Make You There Next Victim. Report Them

Tags: Builders & Contractors

Address: 2520 27th Avenue North Saintpetersburgh, Florida USA


Phone: 727 252 9100