AAA Roadside AAA AAA Damaged my tires and refused to pay for it Saint Louis Missouri!!. Comment: On June 8, 2018 I called AAA Roadside because I noticed that the air in my front passenger tire was a little low. I did not want to cause damage to my tire by adding air, so that’s why I made the call. The driver, Josh came to my home and I explained to him the amount of air that was suppose to be added. After adding air, Josh, proceeded to check the air in the rest of my tires. I explained to Josh that the only tire that needed air, was the original one I called for. Josh proceeded to add air in my passenger rear tire, saying that it was “really low”. After one hour of driving, my rear passenger tire had a blowout with my 10 year old daughter and groceries in the car. I called AAA again to explaining how I had a blowout just under an hour after their driver over-flatted my tire. I put in a claim and had my car towed to the tire shop for a replacement (that I paid for). The 2nd AAA driver who towed my car, Tim, explained that it was clear that the reason the tire blew was because of over-inflation. He even took pictures for me, showing me that the tire even rubbed against the walls of my car. He was extremely nice and sympathetic to the situation. I just received a call from Josh, employee number 406134, who stated that they would not pay for the tire because it shows that the tire was rubbing against the wall of the car. I explained the reason it was rubbing because of over-inflation and that I have never had a blow-out before with any of my tires. He came up with every excuse except acknowledging that it was their fault. I asked him several times, how can my tire get inflated and an hour later, cause damage with it being my fault? He could not explain. If you google AAA roadside, you will see there are many damages caused by the company that they refuse to pay for. How many times do we rely on a highly reputable company to help us out in dire situations only to cause more damage? They pride themselves in caring for the customer, but that’s not true. They are only there to do a quick job no matter what damage they do in the process.

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