Complaint: I am a member AAA Roadside Assitance Program. I received a hard copy renewal in the mail stating they could not renew my AAA . I checked with AAA and they were correct. I received 2 telephone calls, one text message about the renewal. It is possible the first telephone call was legitimate because it matched the hard copy request for new card. The text message using 735-29 asked that I provide a new card so they could renew my membership in AAA. In the Text Mail it contained a unknknown URL “ which I later learned was bogus. Then I received three telephone calls from this telephone number: (316) 416-3014. My Caller ID listed the telephone calls as coming from Whitewater

Tags: Auto Clubs, Auto Membership Enrollment, Bogus Contract Renewal Request, Hacking & Fraud/ Scamming, Internet Fraud

Address: Kansas. This was very clearly a bogus number. AAA does not have any office in Whitewater

Website: Kansas. I called AAA at their Roadside Assistance Number at 1-800-222-4357 and spoke with a legitimate AAA representitive who confirmed they needed a new credit number so they could autobill my annual membership. I gave the number. Now I am worried the other 2 calls were not legitmate nor was the Text Mail with strange URL. They could “”clean out”” my bank account. Always call the Vendor direct. Do not accept Text mails or bogus phone calls”

Phone: Kansas