AAMCO transmission Rip-off no customer service, ripoff liars from Nebraska to Arizona * Rebuttal “dedicated to helping customers”!!. I own a 1995 Ford Taurus SE. I first toke it to AAMCO in Omaha, Ne , 13 August 1998. Which at that time I needed $1800.00 worth of work done. They fixed the car and it ran great for 18 months until March 2000. In March 2000, I took the car into Cottman Transmission in Glendale, AZ for just a check up and have the fluid changed. And during the check they notice the transmission was leaking in about 3-4 places. I told him I just had work done on it 18 months ago and he said the only way it was bad now was that the AAMCO did a bad seal job. I called AAMCO Customer Relations Department. The lady asked me what AAMCO did the work and she would call and let me know something. She called me back and told me that the AAMCO in Omaha had no liability and I had only a 3 month warranty and she located a AAMCO in Glendale, AZ that would help me and give

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