Aamco Kissimmee Bad business practices Kissimmee Florida!!. I took my truck to this location with issues my transmission. I was told by JR that they could diagnose my transmission for $90 and got a verbal esimate of about $1400 to rebuild. After a brief time, he tells me the computer said that I lost my overdrive. To get a better understanding, a more comprehensive diagnostic, he would need to take apart the transmission– in an effort to save me some money. This service supposedly costs is 6 hrs of labor. Well about a week later, I get an estimate for over $2000 to rebuild my tranmission. After I balked at that price and found another place to get the world, he tried to saddle me with a huge bill for supposedly “working on my transmission.” When I informed him that I would not use his shop to repair my vehicle, he left me a voicemail stating my transmission put back together and was back in my car. I arrive to pickup up car, and the transmission is not in the car and its was piece. In the effort to stop the bleeding from my pockets, I event paid $540 to get my car back and so repairs can be completed at another shop. I learned when my car was repaired at the new shop, that several parts were left off my original tranmission and which cost me an additonal $200. In total, dealing with this shop costs me an additional $1000 in fees and rental car costs. The kicker was I was given a guilt trip for not doing business with him. My advice to other customers is steer away from this location. My advice to the owner and franchiser, bad business practices hurt your business and consumers. Learn to the right thing.

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