Complaint: Transmission Reverse goes out, slow changing gears. AAMCO looked at my 2000 Blazer, did not remove Transmission, called said it would cost $2,904.08 When back to the shop, looked at the bill for reverse parts- K6100E-LS Kit, Filter, Band-Brake, 11Qts Trans Fluid, Rebuild Torque Converter, Sun Gear Shell, Sprag-Low, Sprag-Forward, Solenoid Kit, + labor $1015.. Transmission was not removed I guess they had X-Ray eyes, to see inside. That night look at price list on the internet $1,015.00 over retail, that anyone could buy in a part store for less.. Ask them why are you charging $1,015.00 over retail, AAMCO said to. Also found that the #K6100E-LS Kit installed was the Wrong Kit. Day two leaking, took it back waited 6 hours, I ask what did all of these parts have to do with reverse they were all broken?? Before going to a AAMCO change your clogged Transmission Filter you will save a lot of money. Reverse-slow or not changing gears Fluid 30,000 miles Filter 50,000 miles.. Bob Las Vegas, NevadaU.S.A.

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