AAMCO of Fremont Ca Manager Zachery and owner Mr Malik My car was hit while in there parking lot and they have not paid for it yet and they owe me $500.00 as a refund because they took almost a year with my car. Fremont California!!. My issue started back in March 10th 2014, that’s when the contract was signed to work on my transmission. I dropped my car off at AAMCO in Fremont Ca and that’s when I talked to the manager Zachery and he said he would look at it and get back to me. Well one week went by and I called him and he had not had a chance to look at it, two weeks went by same thing not yet problems with employees, third week just got to it and he let me know. By the forth week on April 17th he called and said it would cost a $1000.00 to start the work. On May 6th ZAchery called again and said its going to cost another $1090.00 plus &2000.00 for the whole thing. Well I got my car back in late September and this is after me calling him almost every week between the months that went by. Zachery textEd me and said that he was going to refund me $500.00 because it took so long, and they didn’t even connect the overdrive system. Heres the kicker while my car was in there parking lot it got hit in the front end driver side and when I pick up the car I noticed it and called Zachery out to see the damage and he acted like he didn’t know about it and said he would talk to the owner and the insurance would take care of ita. I didn’t hear from them so I called again and talked to Mr Malik the owner and he said bring the car back he’ll have a friend look at it and fix it well I said for one I had moved to Hercules Ca and I wasn’t bring the car back because I was still working on it. I’ve called and left message for ZAchery and the owner and no response, I even contacted corporate and he called Zachery and MR Malik and Zachery told corporate that he already had credit my account and the MR Malik would contact me. Well I’m still waiting for the $500.00 dollars and for Mr Malik to call me. I think it’s time to take them to court, they are very dishonest people that work there and they lie about everything .

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