Aamco transmission cottman ave cheltenham, pa Aamco rip off for transmission rebuilt services Cheltenham Pennsylvania!!. I went to aamco in 2018 for transmission repairs and my 04 xc90 Volvo has never been the same. It has since been in the shop 3 times for the same supposedly repaired transmission. Now they are trying to find a way to not honor the rest of my warranty time which is 32000. I have only driven additional 20000 miles since the supposedly rebuilt transmission was put back in my truck. Stay far away from aamco transmission as all cost or you will be in the same boat as myself and others who have been scammed by their poor workmanship. The are trying to find anything else that’s wrong with mybteuck to blame why the transmission is not repaired correctly. I paid over 3200 for the repairs and regret the decision to hire them to repair my truck . Aamco should close down and never able to run a business again. I am contacting a lawyer to address my current situation.

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