Complaint: needed tranny rebuild so i went to a well known place they said that will be 1500.00 dollars and we need your truck for 3 working i give it to them. 7 working days later, will be ready tonight called to check on it should be ready in the morning ok ill wait till tommorow.finaly 2 days later its ready but it smells like a cigar and hmmmmm i dont smoke. i ask for upgraded warranty nope only if you pay for one.ok take some off the bill nope they said things happen things got slowed down.asked to talk to owner they said they dont know where he is or when he will be back ok does he have a phone i can call him at. no you will have to keep calling the store and maybe he will show up. BROUGHT IT BACK FOR 10 DAY CHECK UP DIDNT FIX LEAKING PAN GASKET AND I WAS TOLD THEY WOULD BE OPEN TILL 5:30 PM AND THEY WOULD HAVE MY KEYS AND PAPER WORK IN THE OFFICE I GO AT 5:15 EVERY BODY IS GONE AND I HAVE TO USE MY SPARE SET OF KEYS TO “STEAL MY OWN TRUCK”” not a happy person. try chesterfield transmission very good prices and nice people Lee richmond

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