AAMCO-Waldorf No repair, no parts!!! Waldorf, Maryland!!. I just found this site and I wanted to share what happened to me in 2008 when my minivan went to this shop: I will give credit where it’s due, my van was towed from my home and taken in- no charge. My transmission was busted. After the diagnostic “service” and I was quoted for the repairs of over $2000 for a 1999 vehicle and was too high for me to pay in a reasonable time frame. (The cost was close to half of the vehicle’s value, and I had no plans on keeping it to the “lifetime” warranty). After a lengthy haggle from the shop rep to get it repaired any kind of way- which was still too expensive, he let the matter go. All I had to do was pay the diagnostic fee and get it towed home. And this is where things went sour: 1. I did not receive a report as to what was wrong with my transmission. 2. The attitude change from the staff went from all text book to downright neglectful. 3. The Tow truck driver did not give me the extra time to get to my home and move some other vehicles about my yard which i was less than 10 minutes away. I arrived, the van was delivered and it was literary threw it in my driveway where i did not want it to be (with no transmission since i could not move it under power. 4. The Tow truck driver in his haste scraped my full sized van that I had purchased while the mini van was in the shop and left a trail of red paint along the side. 5. Lastly, the transmission casing was left in the trunk area with NO internal parts whatsoever! I am sure that some of the components were usable, and I WANTED to see the damaged ones. In the time that has passed, I have had many offers from potential buyers even if they hand to make repairs but no one wanted to be stuck with a full rebuilt transmission purchase. I learn to let some things go and is the past 5 years I did my best to do just that. However this mini van is still in my yard unmovable and it’s a constant reminder how I got the shaft with no gear lube. picture pending

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