Complaint: I spent $1700.00 to have my transmission repared on a 2000 dodge pick-up truck and immediately suffered an extreme loss of power. When I complained about the problem, the manager proceeded to tell me “10 ways from Sunday”” why it could not possibly be his fault without even test driving the vehicle. When I told him that it was only evident when I was pulling a load. ie: a skid loader

Tags: Mechanics

Address: His response was that it was too heavy for the truck even though it preformed just fine for over 1 year before the transmission problem. For all he knew

Website: 765 linden ave. zanesville, Ohio U.S.A.

Phone: the loader may not even weigh much more than a lawn mower since they are made in all different sizes. This company is not at all interested in my problem or honoring their warrany and have thus ruined my work truck. They are only good for being a master at excuses. John Zanesville