California, Liar Cheater Man

April 20 2017 7Its all visible in A now & she looks so cute bruh! C gotta see her again. Days done gunna come when ya see the mistakes ya made. Threw out the world in A & her little man ya jackass. All for a new w**** piece a a** whose all emailing thru craigslist to us. Only immature douchebags run away on a chick they knock up & don’t take care of the kid or the mum. We hear thru the grape vine there’s being a REAL MAN willing to step up when you ran away like a p**** coward. We hear this REAL MAN is seeing how amazing A is. We pray to whatevers out there he shows her what she deserves. Her little man too. Stay tuned for next thursday check in. LOFAO C & ?