We place an order for a fridge in the store near us, everything was good and nice, he assure us in 1 week , Friday we will have the fridge here. After 1 week Friday, no call, we call and We spoke with a nice lady and she found our order , but our fridge didn’t came yet she assure us the fridge will be here next week, Now we will wait for 2 week to pass to be able to have our Christmas present. We wait another week to pass, but again Friday comes and nobody call, so Saturday we call and guess what, the fridge is not in, again the nice lady Amy, said I see your order but I don t know what is going on, so she said can you please come to talk with our manager because he order the fridge for you. We got rally disappointed in that moment, because we order more than 1 item with Aaron and never had this problem. Now we are going to find out what is going on, we got in the store the manager is not able because he is in a meeting so we need to live and come back , very professional, after 1 hour we go back and the manager get out with big mouth on us , telling us he never place the order for us , he didn’t understood we want the fridge, this is what he said , now we are really confuse, he just had a file in his hand and said no order for you, he turn around and left, and us still confuse with no fridge. TODAY 12/27, after almost 2 weeks from that incident we got a call from that lady AMY, and she did our day brighter, she said I’m sorry I don t know how but your fridge is HERE . WOW so the order was on?, we confirm we want the fridge and we will be there around 2 pm to take it, today. NOW after 1 hour, 12:15 pm, 12/27, she call us again saying sorry and couldn’t explain WHY, but THE MANAGER sold out fridge which came on our name in this morning and we got call for , he sold it to another person with no reason.

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