I would like to inform all about the rudest manager in the company that i have come across in all my dealing with aarons. Lonnie has straight out to my face called me a liar about things that has had to do with my account in the store. When I talked to Lonnie about how the account had been talked and worked out with the account manager in the store his response was that it was his account manager and it doesn’t matter what we worked out with him cause lonnie is the manager and he works out the deals only. nSo basically the employess there are not meant for nothing other than to take money there. Also the employees can charge you what ever monthly semi-monthly no matter how ur account is set up. Lonnie told me that being a gold club member at aaron’s basically ain’t nothing other than to get your business back, it’s worth nothing more than the paper its printed on. nSo to all in this area that sees this and reads it buyer beware of this manager. nJarednParis, TexasU.S.A.

3586 Lamar Ave. Paris, Texas U.S.A.


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