December of 2018 were had an unexpected breakdown of our washer and dryer and ended up at Aarons as we needed it ASAP. We decided on a pair and took it home. After awhile the dryer started making a grinding noise so we called Aarons and they came and picked it up for repair and brought a loaner—even though it was much smaller we could work with it. | Months later we get out dryer back it gets delivered and hooked up and it won’t turn on so back it went—so months later (I believe at least 2-3) it comes back and now it’s dented in the front and all scratched up on the top as if whoever was repairing it put all their tools on top of it. | We refused to accept it as it was now damaged. We were offered 10% off our payment but we refused that– I’m not paying on something they damaged and at this point who knows what else was done to it. I informed Aaron’s I wanted that dryer replaced—well they can’t give us a new one because we would have to pay more and enter into another contract for it. | The store never got back to us to resolve this–I filed a complaint with the main office and never heard back from them either as they informed me I would hear from an area manager–never heard from them either. | We decided to tell them to just pick up the washer and loaner dryer we were done—as we had already paid for the December payment the Store manager refunded our December payment–however we are now being harrassed for a late payment on top of that. | We have paid 1300 into the washer and dryer and half the time didn’t have the dryer we were paying for even though I’m sure by now we paid for 1 of them they have them and there was no resolution to this. | However I can’t say enough about the 2 delivery drivers–they went above and beyond and Aaron’s is lucky to have them.


Name: Aaron’s

Country: United States

State: Ohio

City: Dayton

Address: Brandt Pike Place, 4470 Brandt Pike

Phone: 937-237-9361