Recieved a call at 5:30p.m.on Jan.3 2008 from an aarons sales rep. He did not give his name just stated he was calling to notify me I was late with my payment. I told him I had sent the payment in earlier in the week. And that probably why he hadn’t recieved it was because of the holidays. nI proceded to inquire as to why he was calling considering the circumstanses and I asked if I could have his name.He angerly said his name was Michael and it was his job.I replied I understood but when I made the rental agreement that I had a 5 day grace period and it should be stated on my agreement.I asked if he would check the agreement to verify the grace period.He replied “it’s only my job to inform you you’re late””.Very rude too say the least.Especially to a customer who hasn’t ever missed a payment.Yes Ive been late some but very seldom.I then stated to Michael that this was an unnessacary conversation.He then replied it was a conversation I would lose.I immediately asked to speak to a manager or some one in charge.I knew the managers name and asked to speak to Gerald. nGerald came to the phone and I explained the situation to him.He stated he had 2 new people working

as if to reply that they were very busy and he didn’t want too discuss the matter himself.I then explained the grace period and he said there was no such thing.There again being given absolutely no respect!By now this whole thing had gotten out of hand and tempers were flaring.I told Gerald I didn’t appreciate the way this matter was being handled and he said “”well we’re doing our jobs””.I wonder if doing ones job is to disrespect your customers and be rude to them

I think not!I became so angry I asked Gerald to give me the number to the district manager. nAfter recieving the number I called and talked to a lady by the name of Marty. She said she would relay the complaint and that a guy by the name of Joe would call me.Well

sure enough he called. I explained the whole thing to him and evidently he had my records in hand. We agreed that Michael and Gerald were doing their jobs but the disrespectfulness was uncalled for. I don’t think it’s Aarons policy to be rude or disrespectful but maybe they need to screen their employees closer and or relay to them what respect is! When dealing with your customers common sense is probably the best. Thats something I don’t think Gerald or Michael have. nI have been a customer with this company for almost 3yrs.and I’m considering whether I’ll ever do business with them again.I will do business with their competitors after this!! Don’t be 2 days late with Aarons and if you are expect to be disrespected! nBOBEnMORRISTOWN