upon placing my order for a king size bed at aaron’s in enterprise, al. i made the down payment on july 22,2009 and i was informed that my order would be in a week later july30,2009.i told jessica that i wouldn’t be moving to the area until july 31,2009 a delivery date was set-up then for july 31,2009 between 4-7. when i arrived here around 3p.m. on that day i was moving in and waiting for aaron’s to deliver my bed, after a few hours past 4 and they still wasn’t here,so i called and i was informed at that time that they didn’t have my bed in stock and it would be another week before i could get my bed. we had a few words over the phone, the sales person (jessica) informed me that i could get my money back or they had a king bed there but no mattress, she checked two other stores and they didn’t have one either.I was really upset because if i didn’t need a bed i wouldn’t have ordered one from them, the salesperson ask me you don’t have your previous bed what business of hers was that,so i told her to order the same bed i had previously ordered,ok so i waited another week for my bed finally they arrived with a bed on august 6,2009, but not the bed i ordered but with one she choose for me. when the delivery man got to my house, they had a totally different bed than what i had ordered.the delivery man called the store and said that i spoke to jesseica on 08/06 (not true)and she said that it wasn’t in stock what a rip-off. nJdeesnozark, AlabamaU.S.A.

1112boll Weevil Circle Enterprise, Alabama U.S.A.


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