Back in February I got a new deep freezer from Aarons Sales and Lease. Towards the end of February, my brand new deep freezer got dented on the top cover by my nephew that didn’t know any better not to sit on cause he didn’t know that it was going to dent in. Mind you not my oldest nephew has autism and doesn’t comprehend really well. I called up Aarons and talked to the manager which I believe his name was Tom. He told me he couldn’t do anything about it and he would have to call down to another store and find out what he could do. He told me that it would need to come out of my pocket to get it fixed. I wasn’t too happy with that and neither was my sister because she is the one that was going to have to pay for it. About two weeks went by, still no answer from Tom at Aarons. I went into the store and he told me that it was going to cost me over $400.00 bucks to replace the top because it all came in pieces. I told him I didn’t have that kind of money and neither did my sister because we are on a strict budget, that is why we rent to own from them. I told him he needed to figure out what to do. So Tom said he was going to figure it out and get back to me in a few days. Few days passed, no call from him, so I called and he was supposed to call me back and Tom didn’t. So another two weeks passed. Again no call no return calls either. By the time May came around I went in and talked to Tom yet again. He told me the same thing that it was going to cost over $400.00 to replace it and that it couldn’t be charged to my account and that it had to be paid up front before he could order it. I told him yet again my sister and I didn’t have that kind of money to put up front and why would I want to pay over $400.00 for the cover when the freezer itself was only $400.00 to pay off right then and there. So I preceeded to tell him he could take his freezer back because I couldn’t do anything with it. Tom told me he wouldn’t take it back because it had a dented top to it and that he would have to write it off also that I would have to replace the top before I sent it back to him. I told him that I wouldn’t replace the top and that if it was going to be this way after all the years and business I have done with Aarons that they could have everything back that I was paying on and shove it up their A**es. Tom told me that I could do what I had to do. I asked Tom for the corporates number so I could call them. When I got it from him then proceeded out the door. After I got home I called the corporate office and they gave me a number for the district manager. I left a message for the district manager but he never called me back. I called them again about a week later, still no call back. That is when I decided I was just going to call up Aarons at the end of May and have the freezer picked up at the beginning of June. At the end of May, I went into the store and told Tom that he could schedule a time to come pick up their freezer because I was unsatisfied and there was no need to pay for a dented freezer because there was a lot of frost going into the freezer because the top wasn’t sealing right. Tom didn’t question me or anything about it, he just scheduled a time to pick it up and that was it. They now have their freezer back and they haven’t said anything to me about it and as far as I know I haven’t been charged for it either.

Broadway St Bangor, Maine United States of America