I purchased washer and dyer from Aaron’a Renral in August of 2008. I signed the retal agreement for monthly payments,but they called three or more times a day two weeks after the merchandise was purchased. I did not understand why. They apologised. The next nmonth my payment was due on a sunday they called many times on monday I was not home and when I called back they were rude and treating me like a common criminal. I was very affinded. i spoke with the regional manager. he assured me that would not happen again. In January of this year my job laid off several employee’snI was one of them. The company was not doing well because of the economy.nI called Aaron’s management to let them know situation. I asked them if I could wait at least two weeks to make January’s payment becuse my car needed new parts. They aggreed but one week later they were calling non stop again. They started coming by my home and knocking so loud theat my three year old child would wake up crying from his nap. My neighbor also coplained. I once again called Dawayne and he told me it would not happen again. Whatever, it’s like having a heart attack everyday. I fell behind on my payments in febuary because my unempoyment claim is taking a very long time. I called dawayne to see what I could do and he asked again why did’nt I called them back. Again I told him they are so nasty. I also informed him that a employee by the name of John called and told me he was the regional manager of bartow and he wanted his merchandise that day. He told me to load it up in my truck and bring it to the Bartow,Fl store. I am still fighting. nLance johnsonnMulberry, FloridaU.S.A.

370 East Van Fleet Dr. Bartow, Florida U.S.A.


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