AARP Roadside Assistance had a flat, called roadside assistance and they said nothing was available to help us. We are in our 70’s and husband just had surgery and we could not change tire. Luckily, a motorist helped. So no reciept. Internet!!. My husband and I had a flat tire on Aug 1, 2015. We called aarp roadside assistance for help. After finally waiting to talk to someone, were then told there was no one to help. I know the auto repair shops were closed on sat nite at our location, but they should have someone on call for this. Then a motorist helped change tire, but of course there was no receipt for that work. When we called aarp to complain, we get this “you must send in receipt and they would reimburse us” They must have record of call. I don’t think this is very good service and I wonder if this happened in middle of night somewhere far from home, what would we do. We are both in our 70″s and my husband was recovering from surgery. I am currently looking for another roadside service, but can be sure that I will ask about this happening and what they do about it. Also would help if people who answer phone could speak clear English. An apology is not enough. This is the first time we have tried to use our service and hopefully the last.

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