Got ABA Painting from Craig’s list. They were the first to respond to our request for an estimate to paint a home that we have for sale. Gave $1200 estimate on July 30, 2015 for the for sale house and $200 estimate to paint our home’s kitchen. We gave a $700 check for work that was to start on August 4th. We received a call from ABA Painting that they were behind, and that our job would be delayed until Thursday or Friday (August 6th or 7th). They did not show on either day, did not call, and did not return my calls. My wife called and asked for return of deposit and was told work would start the next week. Now, on August 25th, after leaving many messages, I find ABA Painting of Harrison Twp, Mike Kennedy on scam reports, and it appears that we have become a recent victim.

41592 Production Dr Harrison Twp, Michigan USA

586 954-1854

Paint & Wallpaper