The staffs extra nice and offer a free second opinion and livery low price first opinion. That is their hate to lure you in. If they know you have cash to pay them – they will male sure to say what you need to hear to get you to spend it. I went in and everyone had a ckearbunderstdnding that I was pregnant and how far along I was – before they dealt with me. I made sure to repeat myself as well, as this is important information for them to know. They switched their stories around as to why b I would need x-rays and when I made it clear that I need something to get rid of my infection , they told me they need x rays before they can prescribe me anything. They took my cash first , in the checkup room and preceded tovdo c the xray. The xray showed b exactly what my problem was – which is what I said and what the paperwork from the emergency room I brought with me stated as well- as I have already had xrays done in the emergency room. After they collected my cash and took u necessary x rays, they then preceded to tell me that there is absolutely nothing they can do for me at all because I am pregnant, and sent me on my way – with no paperwork from them. They made sure I did not leave without giving up b some kind b of cash. It was a complete scam and a rip off cause they knew they couldn’t do anything before they took the xrays anyways- which they did not give me a recept for that I paid for it, btw. I realized that c and had to come back to get one that they printed up after I asked.

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