I recieved the same letter about the Hi-Tech explosion. Almost word for word of what others have recieved with a few minor exceptions such as country father was from. The pictures that this person sent me is someone else, a Columbian model by the name of Carolina Salinas. | This person tried to use her identity and knew a lot about her saying she was a model in Columbia but using Abbey Holla Hall as the name she gave me. Carolina is absoulutly beautiful so this person had me going but when she gave me the name of the photographer I was able to look him up on Facebook and I found some of the pictures she had sent me that had the right name. | When I questioned this person about what I had found they said that was their country name and they changed their name because of all the troubles they had before claiming their old boyfriend scammed them out of more than 100k. I was going to try and play along a little longer but I guess they got scared when I started to question this and I have not heard back from them.


Name: Abbey Holla Hall

Country: United States

State: Alabama