Complaint: What ever happened to them-they used to have a great product , now it seems it’s merely another ice cream store. The stores themselves are looking run down with old faded posters and dirty floors along with bad customer service and a so-so product I think the have lost it. Before we moved to Florida we used to visit the stores for that special treat-now they don’t offer much of anything to look at with the dirty windows and the old faded colors and pictures. they used to be in the news all the time we visited Rochester in the summer with events for kids and now nothing-maybe it’s a sign of the times and they also will go out of business. My grandchildren could care less if we bring them there so we usually head over to a Freindlys when in Rochester. It’s too bad to see them fall so far and not get involved with the community any longer-considering we used to go there in the 1950’s- what a change!!! We heard a location in Tampa was opening then we heard that closed too-too bad guess they don’t care much. Retired and Loving It! Tampa, FloridaU.S.A.

Tags: Ice Cream Shops

Address: Rochester, New York U.S.A.