Entered into a maintenece contract with ABC Heating and Cooling after purchasing our home a year ago. Chose them only because their sticker was on our heater. Every time we have called them to perform routine maintenance, they’ve told us that our large units were at “end of life”” and quoted prices for replacements. That was fine

we just ignored them as most people do. This latest situation pushed us over the edge! We called them to lubricate the fan motor on our Central AC unit since it sounded like it was running a little rough. The technician Eric proceeded to DISCONNECT the unit and REFUSED to reconnect it telling us is was incorrectly wired (12 YEARS AGO). He explained to us that it would cost us $530 to reconnect it properly! Talk about creating your own business! Totally ignore the customer’s request and put them in a position where they have to pay you if the want AC 24 hours before the forecasted weather is for 60% humidity and 90 degrees!”

Buffalo Grove, Illinois USA