Able Auto Adjusters Dishonest Theives!!,Their “repo men” stole everything out of my car, & AbleAutoAdjusters Very rudely denied it. Hawthorne California!!. This is the company that I was instructed to call after I got my car back from being repossessed , this company had all of my belongings that were left in my car. When I called them as instructed to set up the appointment to claim my belongings, I was told by the woman who answered that nothing was in my car. I told them that they must be mistaken because my husband and I were there when they took it and on foot and my car had a large plastic storage bin in the back full of my things including both valuable and sentimental items. The angry sounding woman said she knows that her repo guys would not lie and I said so you guys just throw my things away or steal it and expect me to just accept it and she asked me if I was accusing her repo guys of lying and I said yes someone is lying because my car had things of mine all through it, in the console, the glove compartment, the back where the bin full of my things was as well as in the pockets of the back of the front seats, and she told me she thinks my husband and I were liars. Then she hung up on me. I guess they figured since my car is a Porsche cayenne that there might be some expensive things in there somewhere so they cleaned the whole thing out like they are supposed to alright, but instead of storing it for me the owner, they just keep it for themselves, I just read another report on here from someone with the exact same story as mine, I guess they do this a lot and most people just don’t care enough to take any recourse ,but they certainly haven’t heard the last of us. Do not trust this company, they are liars and theives.

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