There are red flags with all six transactions totaling $1918.75 my mother had with Able & Willing Plumbing. She has been experiencing short term memory loss for about two years and tends to overreact when a small amount of water enters the basement. I have moved back to her home in December, 2009. Unfortunately, I never knew three service calls included in the total above amounted to $732 until looking at the checkbook register. The company had a new owner effective in January,2008. On 1/8/08, the company replaced a sump pump installed in July,2006 with a new 1/3 HP sump pump for $353.75. There was no owners manual left behind. Later in the year, my mother received a postcard advertising equipment prices, including Sump Pumps for $199. As of today, there are signs on the company property advertising those same equipment prices. On 1/26/08, my mother called Able Plumbing due to water in the basement. The invoice states: “Minor replacement of Discharge pipe from sump pump””. The cost was their $169 minimum at the time plus $80 for Overtime since it was a Saturday. Also

a plastic tube was connected from behind the house to temporarily reroute water from the discharge extended about 20 feet into the back yard above the ground. After the first two transactions

it became more than just a company with very inflated off the chart prices. In April 2008

I disconnected the plastic tube and placed it next to the garage in order to mow the lawn. On 4/30/08

my mother paid Able Plumbing $179. It appears that she was charged again for simple follow up work from the previous service call charge. At that time