Jonathan and Chris Wygle own this company and like to tell people that it is a “Faith Based”” business…. Every time I have heard that I knew that I was going to be ripped off…. This particular company likes to raid a salesperson’s commissions/paycheck and then tells you that your commission had to be sed to cover your sales partner’s supposed debt to the company….. Then they like to issue that person that supposedly had the debt a 1099 when in fact they took the pay out of my commissions to cover that person’s supposed debt…. So why was my partner issued a 1099 if you took the money out of my pay?……. Also

the Dept. of Labor Declared that all of the individuals were selling for Jonathan and Chris Wygle are in fact employees and not 1099 Independent Contractors…… They also asked me to move from Tulsa to OKC when there was a huge hailtstorm in OKC and then fired me 3 days later… I had to break my lease on a house that I was renting from a very long-time friend of mine in Tulsa and now that relationship no longer exisits…… Above It All Roofing and Construction also thought it would be a good idea to try and coin a program that a shingle manufacturer developed called “”Roofs For Troops”” as their own….I shot that down pretty quick… I look forward to the impending litigation and I will be paid every cent those two owe me…..”

6575 E Skelly Dr Tulsa, Oklahoma USA