I took my car in to get an oil change, 4 new tires, and the struts replaced on my vehicle. They told me it would take a day so I left my car. I pick it up the next day, they give me the keys in a hurry and charge me a lot more than I expected, but I just payed it because the arab owner was very rude and the lobby smelled strongly of cigarettes because the owners and workers freely smoke in front of customers so I wanted out. | After a while of driving, I caught the smell of something like rotten eggs, which from past experience I know happens when semi-synthetic or conventional oil is used in my car. My car takes full-synthetic and that’s what I had paid $80 for. I even reiterated multiple times BEFORE they took the car that I HAVE to have full-synthetic oil. | I immediately called the shop, but no answer. Now I’m suspicious so I check my tires and find that they are clearly USED! I paid for new! I didn’t take my wheels off to find out if my struts are ok, but i assume those are used parts as well. I called a few more times and got no answer. | They finally answered the next day and told me that they used brand new stuff on my car and straight up told me “stop trying to get free work done. we’re not refunding anything.” I filed a police report, but they said it’s a civil matter and I’d have to take them to court. I’m sickened that I paid over $1200 only to have to get it all redone somewhere else. | Do NOT do business with these crooks! They’re just looking for any way to cut corners and scam people.


Name: Abraham Auto & Tire

Country: United States

State: Ohio

City: Bedford

Address: 611 Broadway Ave

Phone: 1 440-252-5560