To whom it may concern on 11-4-15 at approx. 9:05 pm I was eating dinner with my wife when I began to choke. I could still breathe due to it was a partial blockage. I had my wife drive me home in an attempt to dislodge it myself but was unsuccessful. I then drove to arrowhead hospital and asked if they had an ENT there before checking in I was told they did and the Emergency Room Dr. Asked me to drink some liquid an attempt to dislodge it yet again he was unsuccessful. I asked to have the ENT to please assist and was told he would have to be called in. I was lied to. The Emergency room Dr. Called the ENT who refused to come in because it was late and said I’d have to wait for 8 hrs till he got in the morning. | I then left and drove to Mayo Hospital where with in 2 hours they called in an ENT and emergency staff to remove the blockage because they felt it was an obvious emergency. I’ve been a police officer for 23 years I think I recognize an emergency when I see it. Now Arrowhead wants there 150.00 co-pay for services not rendered what do you think? Is all I can say if you feel you have an emergency your better off going elsewhere because their hospital apparently lacks the skill or experience to save your life. Be safe out there. Derek

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