ABSOLUTE REPAIR CUMMING IOWA PH# 888-601-7073 A RIPOFF MISLEADING SCAM SCAM STAY AWAY AT ALL CAUSE: MISREPENSTATION OF ADS AND PRICES CUSTOMER SERVICE IS POOR AND DISGUSTING. The guys is shop dont know what they are doing and what needs to be done. I Brought in my Semi truck for repair the radiator hose and also needed coolant for it it will be the most $300. So it was not just that he said I need a new radiator installed bull sh**. He hiked the price for the repairs to $3879.23 unbelieable a total scam. Every Semi Truck Driver out there be careful Absolute Repair is a Ripoff Scam and do not use them at any cause. You will do yourself a favor.. | Absolute Repair Cumming Iowa 888-601-7073


Name: Absolute Repair, Inc.

Country: United States

State: New York

City: Putnam Valley

Address: 74 Cayuga Road Suite A

Phone: 845-528-7065

Website: www.absoluterepairinc.com/