I ordered a cute pair of funny socks the endy of May, a full month prior to Father’s Day. I never received the item. I emails the contact us – they said: Your order is on its way to you. Our items are mainly coming from our oversea warehouse so it may take about 1 to 4 weeks (average shipping time is 2 weeks) for them to arrive as stated in our shipping guidelines and on the product page. It also takes 5 to 10 days until the tracking shows up. Unfortunately we can’t speed up the update of the tracking ID as we rely on the information we get from our postal supplier. Please be patient. Your order will arrive soon. I never would have knowingly ordered from a company that had a 4 week ship date. Even still, I ordered a month before Father’s Day and hoped to get it on time. Now it is the end of July, 2 months later…still not product. I emailed again and again…no reply. I wanted a full refund…no reply. STAY AWAY – THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM.

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