I am a very unhappy shopper ! ABT Electronics has mistreated me for the last time ! I buy alot of electronics and ABT has always been one of my favorite stores to shop at and support. I have seen them grow into a true mega store over the last 25 years and was happy for them, But I think they need to go back to basics and remember how they got where they are. My recent purchases have been nothing but trouble such as rude unfriendly sales people that have little to no clue about what they are selling and only care about there commission. I won’t get into all that but focus more on just my one bad LAST experience. Will AKA (Bill) in the Audio Video Department helped me with a $3,500 Home stereo purchase almost a year ago that I was very happy with. I recently wanted to add a CD Player to the package and ran into him again. I purchased the CD Player and he suggested to me to upgrade my speakers to a newer model same brand. I am all ears and after about 1 hour of him letting me listen to them and explaining whats better about them I did decide to purchase them and it cost another $2,000. I was excited to get everything hooked up and hear them but was let down to find out that these speakers Kept overheating my reciever and it kept shutting down. That never happened before I double triple checked all the wires and called the tech support line of my reciever to verify I was doing everything properly and after hours of confirming all settings where correct, And even moving my 60 pound reciever to a different location with more airflow same thing kept happening. I then hooked up an extra set of speakers that I have and of course the reciever worked fine no shutting down so I was sure speakers where bad or not Compatible with my reciever that he sold me. I returned to store and talked to there tech support who was helpfull but had no clue what was wrong so I exchange those speakers for a different set/brand with a different salesperson because Bill was on vacation. After unpacking these new speakers they did work and didn’t overheat my reciever but they just where to big for my room so I decided I was going to return these $1,500 dollar speakers because I wasn’t 100 percent happy with them and just keep the rest. I saved the box and all contents packed them up like new and had my friend take them back for me because he has a truck and I was busy at work. This is where things took bad turn.. As of today this was taken directly off there web site under return policy and privacy policy. “Total Satisfaction Guaranteed You can return an item within the first 30 days* from the shipping date. We’ll gladly exchange it or give you a refund for the full amount of the merchandise-whichever you prefer. All returned or exchanged items must be in their original box and include packing material


and all accessories”” I was very upset to find out There new policy is when you return something there IS NOT a “”no questions asked return policy”” ! They call your salesperson as you wait like a dog and have him come there and get in your face about “”why are you returning your item ?”” Even if you are within your return period. Its your money and you buy there products under the assumption that they will Gladly exchange or refund you in full under there pretend “”Total Satisfaction Guarantee”” if you decide to return or exchange for any reason. Bill in audio video department told my friend that I was not allowed to return anything to them anymore after this return and I was very close to not being able to buy anything from them ????? Then he Told my friend my personal purchase history about what I spent there which was very unprofessional and upset me. Hey Bill or Will whatever you prefer to be called. Don’t worry I will never step foot into your store again ever. I mean The owners store again ! Or refer anyone to ABT ever again instead just tell everyone about how I was mistreated and how unprofessional you are. Also My other major purchase there few months ago for $3

500 in appliances was found over $400.00 cheaper at best buy and I had to argue with Randy the Manager to get them to Price Match Best Buy ??? I am so done with ABT ! There are better stores out there with better prices and customer service.”

1200 N. Milwaukee Ave Glenview, Illinois United States of America