On 06 October 2020 I went to one of the Petrol Stations in Khalifa City A (Abu Dhabi) to get a full tank of Special fuel 95 (petrol) and paid 124.18 AED (receipt number 730603), which I paid by Debit card (ending with XXX9911 linked to my ADCB account XXX141001.

After parking my car for a few days in Abu Dhabi as I did not use it over the weekend, I drove to Dubai Marina on 11 October 2020 and parked the car at Silverine Tower for 2 days at my friend’s place. In the evening on 13 October 2020, I wanted to drive back to Abu Dhabi and my car would not work even though the battery was still fine. So I called the Road service assistance through my Insurance company who was not able to jumpstart the car and identified that there is a problem with the fuel pump after checking it and smelling Diesel.

On 14 October 2020, I had to get my car towed to the Golden Tree Auto Repairing Workshop LLC in Dubai, who replaced the fuel pump and cleaned the entire fuel line. (Please see attached the report and invoice for your reference). I tried to call ADNOC Customer Service Hotline on 800 300 to file an official complaint but no success after holding for hours. I do not even think that there is anyone working at the Contact Centre and the company hopes that we will just hang up.

I am utterly appealed by the lack of Customer Service and want ADNOC to reimburse me for the costs I had endured (2, 415.00 AED for repair and 124 AED for the fuel, which I could not use as it was a mixture of Diesel and petrol I received).

As a customer, I trust in the only petrol company available in Abu Dhabi and hope I can continue to trust them. It’s not like I have a choice as it is the only gas and oil company in Abu Dhabi. I would like this matter to be resolved amicably and as soon as possible.

Thank you.

Customer Service

P.O. Box: 898
Abu Dhabi
United Arab Emirates