Complaint: Hello my name is charlotte pride ,in aug.oct of 2012 i got online to locate heating an air conditioning units for my business.. contacted ac4life from the internet by phone to ask questions about there products they seemed to know what they were doing so i said i would like to place an order for two 5 ton ac/heating units with accessories to hook up … they asked how i would like to pay ,I replied your sight says you do check by phone , was informed then they no longer do that ,said i would have to wire the money to their acct ,gave me the information to make the wire transferr completed and about a week later i still heard nothing from them so i contacted them back to find out what the status of my order was, at this point they tried to add another charge for shipping an i at that time replied your add says free shipping, after a few minutes I simply said look this is not good buisness you cant throw extra charges on to something that has already been agreed to in price ,I then said just cancel the order and send my money back thankyou I will do buisness elswhere,goodbye.. Now in my mind that means I do not want your product you have not placed my order as of yet and I do not want it placed, just send my money back thankyou…. Well thinking I would recieve my money in the mail in about a week, I looked for what i needed else where, very busy with the buisness renovataion time goes by about two weeks,still no refund of moneys, I checked my messages on the phone to here one that says, this is ac4 life we are calling to confirm a shipment address for your order, my mouth just dropped!!!! I immediately called them and spoke to Mike again telling him that he cannot send me something I have already canceled three weeks ago, it has not shipped yet and that I would not accept it if he choose to ship it,,send me my money back ,Mike said that because they did not recieve the cancelation in writtting that they could send the product and I would have to pay for a restock fee , I was pretty agrevatted by this time an just simply said ,there is nothing in your web site saying this that I am aware of and I have called you all at least three times from my home canceling this order that ,this was not good buisness ethics on there part,Mike continued to inform me that the shippment would be placed an that I could not cancel it… I being about to really loose it simply said Mike I do not want your product and I have cancelled this order with more than ample time before any shipment process has transpired ,you have left me no other choice but to have my lawyer handle this ,as i was hanging up Mike was trying to offer me some kind of other deal but I didnt hang on to here what else he wanted to do ,I canceled my order ,I paid in good faith and they screwwed me….I called my lawyer he contacted them ,they went ahead an shipped the product and after it was refused and sent back , now feb 2013, still no money returnedthere books show that they sent me an email to accept there offer of $5056.00 refund after a restock fee of over $1700 was deducted from my canceled order, now thats the way to screw the american people who work for a living woo h*o ,now I still have not recieved my refund as of yet was on the phone with them the 8th they told me then my check for $5056 would be mailed out after they recieved an acceptance e-mail reply well they received that ,on the 8th feb 2013 and I figured i would have a check by now here it is the 11th of feb 2013 and nothing yet so i called again today 9;48 am talked with kate again she said that it has not been mailed yet, I explained that I understand that you just work for this company but enough is enough please get my monies refunded, so now my opinion of this companys customer ethics is s#%ty to say the least, If you plan on doing buiness with this company make sure they do there part before you pay them ,because if you in good faith do buisness with them an pay in advance ,no matter what the outcome will be one you will be very dissapointed with as far as ethics and american justic go. I cant express any output on their product because I didnt ever get thier product I just paid them over $1700.00 to ship it after it was canceled three times verbually, now if a person verbal cancelation is less valuable than written letter what does that say about the people doing buisness here, there word is no good, thats what i get anyway, and now am still waiting on my other monies ,also out lawyer fees gee lets see is this the american way screw you before you get a fair buisness deal ,they have had my monies in thier bank for over 6 months and I may have to file bankrupcy because of their not so due diligence of return … This company is a rip off if ever I have seen one,I would be ashamed of this type of buisness in my community,I definately would not call them americans, just con artists, destorying america…the downfall of honest americans working for a living…Thankyou Respectfully Ms. pride

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