Questionable’ accounting at Academy Bank had someone at Academy Bank TAKING ALL or most of my Funds & transferring the $$$ to Western Union (twice) for someone with my name – but a False ID they created & Academy Bank WOULD NOT Cooperate for 3 years now with the FBI, or the ‘Office of the Comptroller’ (who controls National Savings Banks like Academy Bank) !!! Also items in my account would SHOW UP for a FEW HOURS & then DISAPPEAR with no adequate documatation by Academy !!! For instance on 8/23/2011 Enterprise Rent-a-Car RELEASED a $670 Pre-Authorization to my account 3174146 (how I don’t know – as the card they used was STOLEN last month & ‘Hot Carded”) & then Enterprise turned around & did a $490 ‘Purchase’ with my Account 3174146 in the afternoon of 8/23/2011 taking my $978.88 balance to 1105.88 – where I withdrew $1100 from their South Denver Branch around 5 pm – but later that NIGHT – Academy TOOK the $670 back out of my account – causing my account to GO NEGATIVE to $621 after a Merchant Credit Card deposit – which Academy has DONE NUMEROUS & deducts UNJUSTIFIED NSF charges to my account !!! Furthermore, the FBI & FDIC would not get involved in these matters of MISSING $$$ that were converted to Western Union Funds by a Dishonest Academy Accounting Department employee on 2 occasions (told me to contact Office of the U.S. Comptroller in Texas ) & in the MISSING Pre-Authorization to Enterprise Rent-A-Car = LEADING me to WONDER WHERE in Academy Bank these FUNDS WENT TO & IF there is Academy has ‘SWALLOWED’ the $670 that Enterprise RELEASED to account 3174146 on 8/23/2011 ? So once Enterprise TRIES to RECLAIM the $670 they RELEASED back into account 3174146 – that Academy took me into the NEGATIVE from 8/24/2011 to 8/26/2011 until a $1251.22 from my Credit Card Processor raised my account BACK INTO POSITIVE STATUS – but that Academy STILL TRIED to GET ANOTHER ‘Questionalable’ $25 NSF charge by presenting an American Express Settlement charge ‘Out of Order’ BEFORE the $1251.22 from the SAME Credit Card Processor – indicating EITHER BANKING ERRORS or EMBEZZLEMENT by someone within Academy – who has DISCOVERED a ‘Loophole’ to ILLEGALLY TAKE THESE FUNDS from my personal account – not giving them to Enterprise – NOR RETURNING these FUNDS to my ACCOUNT ??? Very Concerned, Daniel K

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