ACCC Insurance ACCC rejected my claim even when they got the police report showing their insured was at fault he backed into me at a red light. Houston Texas!!. ACC Insurance should be put out of business. They got the police report showing their insured suv backed into my car at the red light. The driver wanted to get in left turn lane and he was in the right turn lane. ACCC turn my claim down said driver had a suspend lic. The police took both of our driver lic. and ran a check on us. The police let him drive off. If his driver lic was suspend the police would had not allow him to drive off. Also the owner of the suv was in the front seat with him when he backed into my 2018 Fusion SE. I have called ACCC Several times and they tell me they need to get a sign statement from owner of suv. We are on social security and can not afford the cost to repair our car. George

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