The financing company, AcceptanceNow, that Marlo chooses to use to lure people to purchase furniture with no credit check is a sham! All I want to do is pay my account off in 90 days, instead I receive a different balance that does not add up with the payments I have made every time I call and speak with representative who is rude and nasty. It is almost as if they want to scam you into making the wrong payment amount so that you default on the 90 days same as cash and end up paying the higher amount with the insane interest for 36 months. That is a HORRIBLE way to try and take advantage of people. I would suggest to Marlo that if they want to keep their customers and bring in new ones, they review the relationship they have with AcceptanceNow and see how they are conducting shady business right there in their stores. The person who initially approved me was kind and helpful. I have not talked to him since and am uncertain if he even still works for the company. Instead I am dealing with a woman who speaks too fast and addresses me as if asking about the money I need to pay is a question I should not be asking. It doesn’t get any better with her management. They make the terms of the agreement so confusing that they can’t even keep their responses consistent when you ask questions regarding your account and balance. The customer service department is a joke as they don’t have access to your payment information and it begs the questions, how are you useful?

725 Rockville Pike Rockville, Maryland USA


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