I had been applying for loans online both auto and cash for sometime.I was contacted by a company by the name of Access mutual services. They stated I was approved for 10,000 I was required to pay 980 prior to receiving the loan as security deposit kinda like secure credit card is way it was explained to me. I looked up website and ScamPulse.com newer company not much info. Seemed real so I proceeded to send e transfers of funds as directed I was later contacted an stated they need additional funds because credit made very little sense as I had been approved for a auto loan from ** ****??? I then started to question it and said cancel loan and refund me the money. They said I would receive it in 2 weeks by mail couldn’t e transfer it back. I waited and nothing was received called back and **** *******¬†loan specialist said due to the complications he was e transfer it, and we’ll guess what over month later and waiting.