I placed an order for Bowers and Wilkins 704 towers speakers from Access To Music inc, on 5/14/07 and took delivery of them on 5/25/07 with an understanding of a 7-day money back refund/return policy with no restocking fees or deductions. Taking delievery of the speakers on 5/25/07 gave me until 6/1/07 to make a return for a full refund. nI contacted Access to Music on 5/29/07 that I wished to return the speakers for personal reasons. The sales Manager; Craig; informed me that he would have to speak with his boss about it and would get back to me. I did not hear back from him until I called him on 6/1/07. Craig informed me that his boss; Bob Sheldon; would not allow the return. nI asked why not? It was within the 7-day return policy. Craig informed me that returns are only allowed if the customer isn’t happy with the product and that was the only way they allow returns. I asked Craig why it mattered what the reason was if it was within the 7-day return policy and he said ” All businesses work this way and what other reason would someone return something?””. nI told Craig that I was very unhappy with this decision after I had just spent over $4

000 in checks with them. I told him that I would have considered buying elsewhere if I had known that their return policy was only under circumstances of the customer being unhappy with the product. I asked him why he didn’t tell me this as the company sales manager when I asked what their stated return policy was. He replied with “”It’s Implied””. nI told Craig that they would lose my business and that I would file a BBB complaint if they didn’t honor their policy to which his reply was “”Go ahead and do that if you wish””. Craig finally said that he would talk to Bob Sheldon; Owner; again and ask him a second time to which I have not heard back from them. nEricnSanta Rosa


901 C Street San Rafael, California U.S.A.