Accessible Home Healthcare
Looking for an attorney to take on one of the “AT WILL” problems occurring in the State of Florida. When does “AT WILL” go into civil right violations? Accessible Home Healthcare enticed me away from my employment, gave me a contract, trashed me with my previous employer so that there was not a chance of returning to previous job (which is against the law), and then …telling me they did not have a desk for me after I am there 1 week. Continued to play games for a few months, putting me off from returning to work, then told me to get something else! This is not an AT WILL issue. This was fraud pure and simple. It is MY civil right to work, it is MY civil right to expect to be compensated for the damages that the owner of this company has caused me without him hiding behind the State of Florida skirts. I had one of their clients call me at home wondering where I was. They were not happy with the company&#

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